1st iPEN Intensive Program, 24 – 25/10/2018, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Conference Title: Modern teaching methods and soft skills development in science (שיטות הוראה חדשניות ומיומנויות ניהול קבוצת מחקר באוניברסיטה (סדנא)

Dates: 24-25/10/18

Venue: David Lopatie Conference centre, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

In google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/k64tzfaz41x

About the Workshop: 

The goal of the workshop is to raise the awareness of the participants to the importance of quality science teaching in the university level and to provide practical tools for the participants to improve their teaching skill. The workshop will be focus on the development of the participants modern teaching methods and soft skills development including oral & written presentation skills, time management, leadership, lab management. This development will be achieved through lectures and workshop training sessions of students and lecturers in modern teaching techniques.

Being a teacher and a lecture in the digital era raises many challenges: How to use the available technologies and integrate it to improve teaching and learning? How to better assess students when all the information is available on-line? What are the soft skills that are needed to become a researcher and a lecturer? And many more.

In the current workshop we chose to treat four main challenges, for the tertiary education level:

  1. Teaching skills in digital environments
  2. ICT tools for better science teaching
  3. Intellectual property rights (involved in using teaching materials)
  4. Soft skills in Sciences
  5. Writing a scientific article

The workshop is a result of an on-going EU project called i-PEN aiming at providing innovative photonic education applied in nanotechnology. The project envisions the offer of online & offline training in photonic sources & techniques in a nanotechnology.

Link: https://ipenche.chania.teicrete.gr/en/home/

However, we found that in addition to the courses about photonic and nanotechnology there is a need to develop better teaching skills and therefore the current workshop “Modern teaching methods and soft skills development in science” is planned.

Members of the Organizing Committee


  • What can university lecturers learn from basketball coaching? (Oded Katash, Israel National Team Basketball Coach)
  • Modern methods for teaching and assessment, Prof. Ron Blonder (Weizmann Institute of Science)
  • Nanotechnology for all: The case of a bilingual MOOC,  Prof. Miri Barak (Technion, Israel Institute of Technology)
  • ICT tools in teaching, Elli Shmueli, Machba (מיט”ל), (Inter-university Computation Center)
  • Presentation skills, Scientific Writing, Critical Thinking, Conducting Open Science, Dr Katerina Zourou & Dr Ioannis Lefkos (W2L) 
  • Lab Management Skills, How to write a grant by Prof.Raz Zarivach (Ben Gurion University of the Negev)
  • How to write and publish a scientific article, Ass. Prof. Kostantinos Petridis, (Technological Educational Institute of Crete)

In this event all the iPEN partners can participate with four staff members (one of them will also participate on the projects’ progress meeting on the 23rd of October 2018) to attend the workshop. The Israeli partners should contribute with staff & student participants.

The poster of the event can be downloaded from the iPEN google drive. Please circulate among the staff and the students of your Institution; disseminate the event as good as possible.

The lecture program can be found here

What the program covers for the non Israeli consortium partners:

The cost of stay that the iPEN covers is 120 Euros per day per participant and the travel fee is fixed and based on the distance from the venue. More analytical:
TEI of Crete participants: 225 Euros per participant 
POLIMI: 360 Euros 
FAU: 360 Euros 
Twente: 530 Euros 
W2L: 225 Euros 
IESL: 225 Euros 
Weizmann Institute will sponsor the event (coffee breaks and lunches) and also have made all the
arrangements to stay within the campus.

To be registered & for accommodation options follow this link, click here

Guidelines how to reach the venue form the Airport (for the non Israeli participants)

Confirmed Participants 

  1. Dr Konstantinos Petridis (TEI of Crete)
  2. Prof. Ioannis Kaliakatsos (TEI of Crete)
  3. Dr Minas Stylianakis (TEI of Crete)
  4. Dr Anastasia Katsamaki (TEI of Crete)
  5. Mr Nikolaos Bolanakis (TEI of Crete)
  6. Prof. Ron Blonder (WIS)
  7. Dr Katerina Zourou (W2L)
  8. Dr Ioannis Lefkos (W2L)
  9. Prof. Hossam Haick (Technion)
  10. Dr Liat Tsuri (Technion)
  11. Mr Yehu Horev (PhD Candidate) (Technion)
  12. Mr Mohammad Khatib (PhD Candidate) (Technion)
  13. Prof. Raz Zarivach (BGU)
  14. Mr Elli Shmueli (MEITAL)
  15. Dr Nancy Kostopoulou (IESL-FORTH)
  16. Dr Konstantinos Brikakis (IESL-FORTH)
  17. Dr Herman Offerhaus (TWENTE)
  18. Dr. Andres Osvet (FAU)
  19. ……more are coming!!!





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