1st iPEN Progress Meeting in Holon Institute of Technology, 29-30th of April 2018

The 1st progress meeting of the iPEN project will take place in Holon Institute of Technology. The meeting will take place on the 29th and on the 30th of April 2018. The main objectives of this meeting will be:

  1. To present the surveys results of WP1
  2. Based on the aforementioned results to finalize the modules & the lab demonstrators to be developed
  3. To assign these modules to specific staff per partner
  4. To present the external evaluator and the webpage developer
  5. To plan the 1st Intensive Course on next October in WIS
  6. To state our expenses until now
  7. To get prepared for the monitoring visit of the Israeli National Agency
  8. To discuss our future actions
  9. The projects’ manual

The agenda and the registered participants can be found here. The venue can be located in the following link:: https://goo.gl/maps/PEG8e33uuGr

See you there

Decisions Taken:

  1. What modules will be developed based on the implemented surveys among iPENs stakeholders
  2. The assignment of the selected modules to the various partners
  3. Three type of modules will be developed: (a) Long Modules – Fundamental Modules (20 teaching hours); (b) Short Modules (10 teaching hours); and (c) Lab Demonstrations (two hours teaching)
  4. Each partner should inform me by the end of May 2018 the following: (a) To whom each module has been assigned within its University; (b) Link to its CV; (c) An Abstract of the module; (d)The Outline of the module; (e) The Learning Outcomes; (f) Bibliography; and (g) Potential External Evaluator
  5. The offline material should be accompanied by: (a) Lecture notes; (b) Assessment Tests; and (c) Final Test Paper. The deadline for the preparation of the offline modules will be the end of April of 2019
  6. The online format of the modules is up to each lecturer; Camtasia, video recording within a classroom. The online format could be audio or video lecture. The deadline for the preparation of the online format will be the end of September 2019
  7. All the partners should prepare a short video and explain the following: (a) Report your name, affiliation and Institution; (b) The reason you participate in the iPEN project; (c) How will you exploit the iPEN outputs; (d) How photonics is engaged into nanotechnology; And how iPEN addresses some of the todays’ challenges; (e) Why is important the development of soft skills; and (f) Why good teaching is important. This video should be sent to Dr Petridis by the end of May 2018. Its duration should not be longer than 2-3 minutes!! 
  8. The next progress meeting will take place in WIS on the 23rd of October 2018
  9. The 1st Intensive Course will take place from the 24th – 25th of October 2018 in WIS


For more details please refer to the meeting minutes that are under construction.  


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