Kick Off Meeting, Bar Ilan University 29-30 of October 2017, Israel

Welcome in Bar Illan University in Ramat Gan, Israel. More than 25 participants have registered in this meeting. The objectives of the Kick off meeting are:

  1. To introduce to the partners the objectives of the iPEN project
  2. To review what each partner has to do. Make the necessary adjustments if this is necessary and is on accordance to the approved project plan & deliverables
  3. To present and review the iPEN project’s timeline
  4. To propose and decide and decide the dissemination tools & actions to be used
  5. To present and discuss the quality assurance policies will be followed along this project
  6. To propose and decide the project’s management & deliverables evaluation process to follow
  7. To present & discuss the administration & financial management policy of the iPEN project
  8. To be introduced with the Israeli National Agency 
  9. To present the immediate next objectives to be implemented
  10. Next Meetings & Events

The agenda of the meeting can be found here iPEN Kick Off Meeting Agenda.



Dr Konstantinos Petridis Presentation – can be downloaded through the iPEN Google Drive Files

Kick off Meeting Video Recordings – can be downloaded through the iPEN Google  Drive Files

Kick off meeting minutes can be downloaded through iPEN Google Drive Files or can be dowloaded from this link

The evaluation received by the participants of the kick off meeting organisation and implementation of its outcomes can be found here

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