Online Courses

Existed OnLine Modulus in NanoTechnology & Photonics 

  1. Nanotehnology and Nanosensors, Part I (Coursera, Prof. Hossam Haick, Technion)
  2. Nanotechnology and Nanosensors, Part II (Coursera, Prof. Hossam Haick, Technion)
  3. NanoTechnology: A Maker’s Course (Coursera, Prof. Nan M. Jokerst, Duke University)
  4. Introduction to Molecular Spectroscopy (Coursera, Dr Patrick O’Malley, University of Manchester)
  5. Quantum Optics 1 (Coursera,Prof. Alain Aspect, Ecole Polytechnique)
  6. Fundamentals of NanoTransistors (EdX, Prof. Mark Lundstrom, Purdue)
  7. Plasmonics: From Fundamentals to Modern Applications (edX, ITMO)
  8. Fundamentals of NanoElectronics, Part A (edX, Prof. Leslie, Purdue University)
  9. Fundamentals of NanoElectronics, Part B (edX, Prof. Leslie, Purdue University)
  10. Understanding Lasers and Fiber Optics, (MIT Open Courseware, Prof. Shaoul Ezekiel)
  11. Atomic and Optical Physics I, (MIT Open Courseware, Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle)
  12. Atomic and Optical Physics II, (MIT Open Courseware, Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle)
  13. Learn to Teach Online (Coursera, Dr Simon McIntyre, UNSW)
  14. Creative Problem Solving (Coursera,Prof. Brad Hokanson, University of Minnesota)
  15. Fundamentals of Project Planing and Management (Coursera,Dr Yael Grushka-Cockayne, University of Virginia)

Existed OnLine Modulus in College Science Teaching Skills

  1. Teaching College Level Science and Engineering (MIT, Open Courseware, Dr. Janet Rankin)
  2. Teaching College Level Science and Engineering (Version II), (MIT Open Courseware, Prof. Sanjoy Mahajan)

iPEN OnLine & Offline Modulus 

  1. Theoretical Module: Laser Fundamentals: From CW to Attosecond Pulses  (TEI of Crete)
  2. Laboratory Module: Optical Characterization of Organic & Perovskite Solar Cells (TEI of Crete)
  3. Theoretical Module: Fundamentals of X-Ray Sources with Applications in NanoElectronics (TEI of Crete)
  4. Laboratory Module: Laser Shadowgraphy with Applications in Nanoelectronics (TEI of Crete)
  5. Theoretical Module: Laser Generated Ultrasounds with Applications in Nanotechnology (TEI of Crete)
  6. Laboratory Module: Laser Holographic Techniques (TEI of Crete)
  7. Theoretical Module: Fundamentals of Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Science (TEI of Crete)
  8. Theoretical & Laboratory Module: Fundamentals of TRPL (POLIMI)
  9. Theoretical & Laboratory Module: Fundamentals of fs TAS (POLIMI)
  10. Theoretical & Laboratory Module: Laser Safety (POLIMI)
  11. Theoretical Module: Fundamentals of Nanophotonic devices (Twente)
  12. Theoretical Module: Fundamentals of Plasmonic Devices (Twente)
  13. Theoretical Module: Fundamentals of Nonlinear Imaging (Twente)
  14. Theoretical Module: Fundamentals of Nano-Phosphors in Solar Cells with Applications in Illumination and Medicine (FAU)
  15. Theoretical Module: Fundamentals of IR Imaging (FAU)
  16. Theoretical Module: Development of Presentation, Scientific Writing, Critical Thinking Skills (W2L)
  17. Theoretical Module: Development of skills conducting Open Science (W2L)
  18. Laboratory Module: Training in LabInstrumentation in a NanoLab (BIU)
  19. Theoretical Module: Fundamentals of Silicon Photonic Principles with Applications in Nano (BIU)
  20. Laboratory Module: Advanced Experimental Methods in Optics and Photonics (BIU)
  21. Theoretical Module: An Introduction to Quantum Optics (WIS)
  22. Theoretical Module: Modern Educational Strategies; How to become a better Science Teacher (WIS)
  23. Theoretical & Laboratory Module: ICT tools in Higher Education Teaching (WIS)
  24. Theoretical & Laboratory Module: Building students ICT literacy for educational purposes (WIS)
  25. Theoretical Module: Fundamentals of NanoCoatings for Photonic Devices (SCE)
  26. Theoretical Module: An Introduction to NonLinear Optics (SCE)
  27. Laboratory Tool: Simulations tools for optical nanostructure and applications (SCE)
  28. Theoretical Module: Optical Engineering Principles (HIT)
  29. Theoretical Module: Fundamentals of Nanoelectronic Devices (HIT)
  30. Theoretical Module: Fundamentals of Optical Plasmonics (HIT)
  31. Laboratory Module: Principles of Development of an online course: Principles & Applications (MEITAL)
  32. Laboratory Module: How to install and use the MOODLE Platform (MEITAL)
  33. Theoretical Module: Development of Lab Management Skills (BGU)
  34. Theoretical & Laboratory Module: Principles of SEM measurement and Image Analysis (BGU)
  35. Theoretical & Laboratory Module: Bio-Optical Sensing and Diagnostic Methods & Instrumentation (BGU)
  36. Theoretical Module: Principles of Surface Science: Thin Films, Scanning Probe Microscopy & Surface Photovoltage Principles (BGU)
  37. Theoretical Module: Principles of Optical NanoSensors in English & Arabic (Technion)
  38. Laboratory Module: Advanced Laser Experiment Labs (IESL – FORTH)
  39. Laboratory Module: Laser Patterning, Sintering, Doping of Graphene based materials (IESL – FORTH)
  40. Laboratory Module: Training in Laser Laboratory Equipment (IESL)

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