Quality Assurance Actions

Quality assurance (QA) of the iPEN project is configured and monitored by Web2Learn, Greece.

Leader of this workpackage is Dr. Katerina Zourou.

The QA plan is now available and can be dowloaded here

Quality assurance objective

Components of the project on which WP3 will focus are:

-The effectiveness of the academic training (see workpackage #2)

The quality of the produced educational material (based on internal and external stakeholders’ feedback)

The quality of the online platform which will support the delivery of the curricula (grounded on criteria such as user experience/user-friendliness; quality of content; modalities of delivery and interaction/communication tools; digital assessment; digital monitoring of student progress-learning analytics).

The effectiveness of the teaching / training of iPEN students in the various techniques -The assessment of the quality of the implemented Intensive Courses

The sustainability of the curricula and integration on the participating HEIs’ course offer -The impact on curricula professional careers of staff and students (better employment opportunities for students; better qualifications for staff).


The external evaluator of the project will be EVM from Spain. The main responsible for the external evaluation will be Mr Ricardo Tavio. The main framework of the external evaluation is described in the following link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/175bGNaeuT-K8v9oByYNGfmJ6gAiFuFNIpOBkADuLvmI/edit?usp=sharing

The external evaluator will be in contact with the partners in a two months base in order to check their collaboration, the achievement of the projects’ objectives and quality of the implemented Intensive Courses.

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